The 20 minute hotel room workout

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The 20 Minute Hotel Room Workout

Whenever I create a workout, I always aim for a complete full body routine that will build muscle, burn fat, and also exercise your heart.
And when I'm pressed for time, I do it in a circuit, so I can jump from one movement to the next.

I hit four types of exercises for my routines:
Legs - working both the front and back of your legs
Push - chest, shoulders, triceps
Pull - back, biceps, forearmsCore - abs and lower back.

That means that you can work out almost every muscle in your body with just four exercises - simplicity for the win!

Always start with a warm-up (to get your core temperature up and muscles loose): 25 jumping jacks, 15 bodyweight squats, 10 push ups, 10 lunges (each leg), 10 hip raises, 25 jumping jacks. Do one exercise right after another - this should take you probably 3-4 minutes.

After that, move into your workout - set your watch/laptop for 15 minutes and then do as many full circuits as possible in that time frame, using PERFECT FORM for each repetition. I've split the workout into three levels - beginners should start at level 1 until they feel comfortable enough to advance to levels 2 and 3.

Do each exercise, one after another, without stopping if possible. If you need to stop between exercises or even in the middle of the set, go for it. Just remember you're trying to complete as many circuits as possible within the 15 minutes without compromising your form.

Advance to the more challenging exercises at your own pace, and if some exercises are too difficult or it's too many reps, adjust them to fit your experience level - just make sure you are getting stronger and challenging yourself with each additional hotel stay. For example, if you can only do 5 incline push-ups aim for six when doing the workout next time. So, here it is!

20 Body Weight Squats (you don't need a chair like in video, that's just if you need help)
15 Incline Push-Ups (feet on floor, hands on edge of bed or desk)
10 One-Arm Luggage Rows (each arm, use your suit case as your weight)
10 Reverse Crunches
25 Overhead Squats
20 Push-Ups
10 Inverted Rows (using the desk in your hotel room just don't break it!)
15 Reverse Crunches
25 Jumping Squats
20 Decline Push-Ups (feet up on bed or desk chair)
10 Inverted Rows (with feet elevated onto desk chair)
15 Reverse Crunches
After your workout (you should be sweating like crazy if you did it right), ALWAYS remember to stretch.

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