Take 5 Day 26

Not for the first time I began this "Take 5" sitting with the laptop on my knee dredging my tired brain for inspiration. You may have noticed that that a couple of days have gone by the way-side - days where the perceived pressure of writing "something interesting" for the 5x50 community resulted in writer's block and zero output.

Tonight the penny dropped. This year I have been writing Take 5, with the reader in mind, wanting to try and offer something witty or engaging. Last year I wrote from the heart, for me. This year I am writing take 5 just before falling into my bed when the tensions of the working day have clouded the magic of the early morning (when I usually run). Last year I couldn't wait to get to my keyboard and capture the thought-trains and metaphors mused as soon as I got up.

So what has changed?

I am now a paid employee working more or less full time, rather than being the flexible, but unfortunately skint, sole trader....so are many members of the community.....this has taught me a very valuable lesson and increased my already great respect for everyone doing 5x50. Last year I had the luxury of choosing when to run, when to write, when to do the food shop, when to do the housework and I didn't appreciate it. I thought I was being oh-so-clever "fitting in" my daily 5x50 activity. I really didn't know the meaning of the phrase. So tonight I'm taking 5 to salute each and every one of you who are squeezing in your fifty fix with time pressures I only now can identify with. Challengers....you ROCK!

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