Holiday - What holiday? Not whilst the challenge is on!

Greetings, or 'Sawasdee' from beautiful Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand!

Even out here in paradise there's no escaping the 5x50 challenge. Luckily, Chaweng beach is about 7km long, so walking along to about halfway then walking back more than covers the challenge. A comfortable stroll along the beach it is not - 35 degree heat and 80% humidity see to that !

Kicking back here on holiday, I have really enjoyed reading all the tweets coming through from those signed up to the challenge - there seems to be a common theme of 'if it wasn't for 5x50 I wouldn't have made the effort today'.

It seems to me that 5x50 provides a focus for busy people, with busy lives, to fit a bit of exercise in everday, which before long becomes the norm and a habit. The health benefits suddenly become very obvious and you are delighted and grateful that you had the courage to sign up in the first place.

At 15 days in, it starts to feel a wee bit easier, if not any less painful, but there are always doubts whether you can get all the way to day 50....after all you can always find a good excuse or even a good enough reason not to do your bit today - 'I'm on's too hot & mosquito bites are giein' me gip......I've been in the sun too long......I don't like the sand between my toes'......believe me I've tried them all.

For me it's useful when faced with all these reasons not to do my challenge today, is to go back to 'why'. 'Why' I am doing this, 'why' I became part of the 5x50 team - it's all about changing lives for the better......either your own, your family's, or a complete stranger's if you have chosen a charity to partner with.

So for that extra bit of motivation for the rest of the challenge, remind yourself each day 'why' you are doing this and 'why' you will make it all the way to the end and beyond.

Now where's my sun cream ?

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