I predict a Habit!

For Kaiser Chief fans out there you may read the title of my Blog and start to sing one of their tunes change 'riot' to habit as that is what we are doing, creating a habit. Three weeks in or 21-days into the challenge and this is quite a pinnacle point. A lot of research tells us that by repeating a 'new' behavior (21 days) into a habitual one. I believe that habits are more than behaviors they are part of who we are and they become "worn in" to our brain and body and how cool is that? Do you agree, are you feeling that you are forming a new habit and how do you feel you are benefiting from it?

Reflecting on the previous challenges I know that I have previously started to have my own struggles with the challenge and for me it is not a physical struggle more of a mental block, where I start to feel negative towards the fact I am only half way through and still a long way to go. This year I am determined to look at the positive in that I have completed 25 days and with the added bonus of having enjoyed some sunshine, here in Scotland, I am so up for the remaining 25, bring it on! Some of you may be experiencing similar thoughts or perhaps your body is telling you STOP. You know something, as long as you are not hurting your body, you will do this. Your body is a powerhouse and your brain is what is going to hold you back don't listen to the voices why not try to mix it up and confuse your brain you will be amazed at what you can accomplish – recreate yourself in ways beyond anything you thought possible. I dare you!

For this challenge I have done very little running, which was my main staple for previous challenges, this was a choice I made prior to starting Day 1. I have incorporated kettle bells, yoga, cycling, dancing, walking and a few days running and this has kept my brain busy being confused, doesn't take much!

Remember we the core team and the great 5x50 community are here to help, support and SHOUT if you are struggling, in pain or just want to chat we are all in it together.

To end I want to leave you with a small quote "The finish line, Day 50, is just the beginning of a whole new you" by me truly.

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