Its ’My’ Challenge!

So everyone we have reached week 4 already so a massive well done to you all!

I bet some of you are quite surprised how quickly the challenge is passing - I guess this must having something to do with the fact that by now you will be starting to feel the benefits that we talk about. I wonder how many of you are starting to feel you have more energy to take on the battles of the day?

By now you should be through the hardest part of the challenge (we normally find this is around day 19 / 20) so this should encourage you to keep going to the end. Of course there are still difficult days to come and you should not get hung up on them - move on and look forward to the next day.

Around about the half way mark can be time to reflect on what the challenge is meaning to you personally. For me this year (now on my 3rd challenge) the thing that has meant most to me is the fact each year the challenge is very different and is very personal.

Year one was all about trying something new, not sure what to expect and 'just getting through' the challenge. Year two for me was very much a mental challenge. I had not long started my own business and the stress levels were pretty high so I found the challenge a huge mental benefit giving me the time to 'switch off' and often find the answer to a problem without realising it at the time.

And year three, again has been very different. I set myself a personal target to try and run most of it (in previous years i did quite a bit on the bike and cross-trainer). I am pleased to say I am on target just now having only done something other than running on 3 days - at times you need to listen to your body.

A personal highlight for year 3 has also been the fact the younger members of my family have started to get involved. Both my 4 year old son and 5 year old daughter took part in the Day 1 event at Strathclyde Country Park and my 5 year old daughter has since been out running a few 5kms with either myself or my wife. I really hope it will not be too long before they are showing me how it is done, that would give me such pride.

Reading your stories and comments on our social media channels never fails to get to me - i just love hearing how personal the challenge is to each and everyone of you. The tales of personal bests / running for the first time / people losing weight are magnificent to hear and really touch the core team so please keep sending them in.

Although I highlight above how personal the challenge is to each and everyone of you, it is the challenge community that binds us all together and it has been magnificent to see this grow year on year. We love the fact you all seem to encourage each other (often people you might not know) to keep going. As the numbers taking part each year grows the challenge 'family' becomes stronger which is very special.

I wish you all the best for the remainder of the challenge - if you have got this far you CAN and WILL make it to the end.

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