Why Fran & Mags feel the 5x50 Love

Saturday 4 p.m.

I am writing these few lines waiting for the sun to come down and the heat to decrease to be able to take hubby, the dogs and myself for a walk. Today, however, is a day of two halves as I was supposed to be in London with my friends, power walking a marathon to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Unfortunately, life got in the way of things and emergency surgery a few weeks back prevented me to fly and attend the event, putting also a hold on my 5x50 efforts. But I learnt to be patient thanks to a worldwide network of virtual and real-life friends and, taking it a day at a time, I enjoy the simple fact to simply be well enough and alive. I am looking at 5x50 with new eyes, both as a tool and strength to keep me motivated in what is essentially a bump on the road and not a car crash. 5x50 has been an extraordinary venture this year again with the team fundraising for a myriad of charities and the u20ac and the £ are adding up by the day. In addition, I have also been informed by 5x50 HQ that the articles in our local expat magazine have traveled and motivated some people to get moving, and in a time of convalescence, it warmed my heart to read about Dinah C.'s testimonial and how she enjoys the challenge: "...Then, here in Spain where we now live, l had a replacement of the prosthesis hip in January. The change was immediate, no more pain after all those years. Whilst l was sitting here recuperating l read the 5x50 article in our local magazine, The Andalucian. It hit me right between the eyes like a red rag to a bull and l just knew that this was what l wanted to do. What better way than a 30 minute outing every day re-learning to walk? To take my little dog for walkies again was such a driving force. It has been a wonderful experience. Hard, of course. Some days almost impossible. Others exhilarating. But overall a Joy. Thank you 5x50 for being in my life and hopefully in another 25 days l won't be lurching around quite so much."

So what is this 5er to do when surrounded by all this motivation and a super international team - 5x50 Andalusia and Beyond https://www.facebook.com/5x50LasSalinas?fref=nf will have run, walked, swum, exercised, etc. close to or over 4,000 kms by the end of the challenge? This 5er will go on doing her 5x365 to ensure to be fit for 5x50 2015 and who knows maybe some of you would like to join us? If you are interested in this- all-year-fitness craziness, let us know and we can create an informal Facebook page to keep track. Now, let me leave the floor to Mags, another super 5er, an Ultra Diva none the less, whom I hope to join rank with soon. Will Mags be able to talk me into powerwalking in Edinburgh with her next year for the Walk the Walk marathon? Take your bet and get in touch with Mags https://www.facebook.com/UltraDiva?fref=ts or myself https://www.facebook.com/fran.rajewski

Saturday 7.30

With 9 days left on the 5x50 challenge I am eventually getting back on my 'feet'. Tendinitis has meant me sitting a lot of this challenge out, putting in the miles when I was able. I've been with 5x50 since their first challenge and have enjoyed every minute. I've met a lot of similar minded people along the way... like Fran!! We live hundreds of miles away, not even in the same country but can motivate each other to get out there and exercise. I love walking and have powerwalked various marathons. My proudest moment being last year when I completed 52.4 miles in 14 hours, something I never thought I could ever do. 5x50 went a long way to help me achieve that goal. The discipline of a daily walk helps increase your overall fitness without you even realizing. Fran told you she had to pull out of her Moonwalk marathon so today friends from 4 countries walked the miles for her. 7 from me....yeah!! It's all relative, it's called teamwork, it's called working together, it's called friendship, it's called 5x50 Now all I have to do is get some more miles in before the challenge finishes!! Mags

And indeed Mags, when 5x50 core team heard I could not do the Walk the Walk marathon - aside from sending me a lovely hoodie for me to snuggle up into!!- Tracey suggested I rallied the troops in the hope we could find 21 volunteers to walk 2 kms each towards the marathon I was supposed to walk. And guess what? Within a few hours, we had friends joining right, left and center and last night we closed the day with a total of 131,08 kms done! That is over a triple marathon J What can I say, feel the love from 5x50, make great friends and get healthy on the way!

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