5x50 Q&A - Read Fiver’s Sarah Mather Answers

When it comes to being active, are you a lark or a nightingale?
1. I am definitely a nightingale, I love the idea of getting up nice and early and exercising in that lovely point when the world is just starting to wake up, however I am a night owl. Always have been, my energy levels are just better later into the evening and I sleep so much better if I have some exercise a few hours before bed.

What is your absolute favorite piece of kit/clothing? Why?
2. My favourite piece of kit is my Nike GPS watch. I started off with a Nike band and then the GPS app on my phone and graduated to the GPS watch in 2013. For me it is not really about what is can do and all the bells and whistles I love the fact that I can look back to where I started my journey, those torturous long walks when I felt like my feet might just turn into one huge blister I remember how it felt and then I go out and I run 2 to 3 times the distance. All I need to do is look at my watch (not even my pace or distance) just the physical reminder on my wrist of how far I have come in the past few years.

Name your top three tracks to get you motivated and moving.
3. This was hard and it changes frequently, my music taste ranges from AC/DC to Slipknot and back to classical so I never know what new music will inspire me but at the moment these 3 tracks are in all my running playlists:
Bass Down Low by Dev
Monster by The Automatic
Born this Way by Lady Gaga (actually most of her albums have found their way in)

What encourages you to switch off the TV and get outside and active?
4. I like to always have an event on the horizon to keep my motivation going. On days I really struggle I think about my partner Karine who was diagnosed with MS in November 2013 and how all my events are targeted towards raising funds for the MS Society. As a newly trained PT I also need to try and keep my motivation up for my clients so I can hopefully inspire them to get out there.

If you only had 5 minutes to exercise, what would you do?
5. I love body weight and CV training so I would do a circuit of squats (fast and slow), lunges, planks, on the spot sprinting and jumping jacks.

And a question specifically for our awesome fivers - Why volunteer to be one of our Fab Fivers?
6. Back in 2013 when I first became a Fiver (also my first time doing the 5x50 challenge) I did it to inspire my friends and family. After taking part in the challenge twice now I see how it inspires so many people to get active and I think the work the team do to inspire everyone from children to myself is something that more people need to get involved in. Nothing that politicians can give the NHS will help more in the future than people being given the knowledge and skills to help themselves, if we all take responsibility for our own fitness we are indirectly taking responsibility for our own health and that is definitely something I want to be a part of through 5x50 and through my own company Frightened of Fitness.

About 5x50

5x50 Challenge started with a vision to make people who are inactive become more active. Challengers become part of something that inspires, motivates, encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. 5x50 Challenges are open to all. Individuals or groups regardless of age, health condition/ disability or fitness level can take part.

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