Keeping active for the new arrival

Deciding to have our second child was a considered and planned process, not simply due to my age (baby is due 3 weeks after my 40th birthday!) or due to the 8 year gap since we had our son. Perhaps it is a mix of my age, circumstance, knowing what's ahead, being a couple of stone heavier or simply having a different outlook, but I know that during this pregnancy I am not got to get away with being completely unfit. Therefore, when I saw the 5x50 logo pop up on my Facebook timeline I decided that this was the positive incentive I needed to get fitter and healthier whilst expecting baby number 2.

Now, let me make it clear that I am not expecting to become an elite athlete or start training for a marathon, but on reading through the 5x50 website and information, I realised that there are plenty of ways to take part and become fitter, even in my ever expanding position.

One of my concerns was perhaps not being able to complete 50 days due to any baby related aches and pains, so my husband and I are signing up to the challenge as a couple which is more suitable for me. This gives both of us the opportunity to take part and means that I will exercise for 30mins every second day.

I spoke with my midwife and she was extremely helpful and positive about exercising as there are so many benefits for both mum and baby. It boosts energy, helps you sleep better, prepares you for the birth, can help to get your body back to normal a bit quicker after the birth and, as with all exercise, helps lift your spirits and reduces stress. Happier & healthier mum helps supports a happier & healthier baby! Obviously there are some exercises that are not possible during or towards the end of pregnancy, but there are certain activities which are rewarding and relaxing throughout.

Being in my 25th week of pregnancy, I have escaped from the queasy & exhausting first trimester, and now am feeling a little bit more energetic. Yoga, walking and swimming are all exercises which are perfect for me (or anyone of any fitness level!) and are all activities which can be completed in at least 30mins. I have joined an antenatal yoga class, which not only helps with my fitness once a week, it also provides me with over half an hour of exercises and breathing techniques that I can complete at home.

I am really looking forward to taking part in 5x50 challenge, becoming fitter and using this as a catalyst for further post natal exercise, not only for me, but for the family as a whole.
The beauty of 5x50 is that anyone can take part regardless of fitness level, age, medical background...if a nearly forty year old, pregnant, unfit, bit overweight, full time working mum can do it, anyone can!!

About 5x50

5x50 Challenge started with a vision to make people who are inactive become more active. Challengers become part of something that inspires, motivates, encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. 5x50 Challenges are open to all. Individuals or groups regardless of age, health condition/ disability or fitness level can take part.

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