Couch to 5k

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Using the 5x50 challenge to train to do a 5k.Looking to use the 5x50 challenge to get you off that couch and running 5k? Well we're glad you've taken the first step and we're here to help! It's a great fitness challenge that will change your lazy habits for life - remember it only takes 21 days to change a habit.

First of all, you'll want to select option B - "30 MINS A DAY" - Individual / Team / School complete minimum 30 minutes (or more) of activity a day like yoga, weight training, exercise class or exercise like walking, jogging or swimming etc for 50 days. when you sign up.

Now to complete this challenge you could do the couch to 5k challenge by yourself, through alternating walking and running, and gradually increasing the time that you run throughout the challenge. Another (possibly easier) option is to use a podcast, such as the NHS 'Couch to 5K plan for beginners' - link 'here' - which you would listen to whilst out running, that starts off with 20 minutes of exercise in week and this increases over the weeks.

What to Wear

If you haven't run before, or if it has been a while since you ran, then you might need to get some running gear to get you going, once you have the outfit sorted though, we can guarantee that you'll be so motivated to get going.

You'll also need some good running trainers that will support your feet, but apart from that you don't need to be spending big bucks to get started. We offer a discount to all of our challengers at, to access this just go to our website and click on My 5x50 and then Partner Offer.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

You shouldn't go out the door and just start running, walk for a few minutes before getting started. As for stretching before running - it's really personal preference if you want to do it, some people don't find it useful.

At the end of your run you don't want to just stop running and sit down, keep walking around until you are fully recovered.

How to Run

This might be the most important one to you since you're just getting into running. Having a good running technique will prevent you getting injured, make you feel less tired and most importantly allow you to enjoy running. Here's some tips:

  • Keep your head straight
  • Don't hunch your shoulders
  • Keep your hands relaxed
  • Keep your arms at 90 degrees
  • Lean forward whilst running
  • Don't lift your knees too high
  • Don't strike the ground too hard, you should be light on your feet
  • Breathe deeply and rhythmically - try to aim for one breath every two strides

We hope this helps you, if you have any tips then we'd love to hear them - just message us on our social media accounts.

About 5x50

5x50 Challenge started with a vision to make people who are inactive become more active. Challengers become part of something that inspires, motivates, encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. 5x50 Challenges are open to all. Individuals or groups regardless of age, health condition/ disability or fitness level can take part.

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