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Meet Alex

I have been joining in with the 5x50 Challenge since the original 2012 challenge and love taking part and encouraging others to join in too! I try to run every day (only missing the odd day here and there!) and that time alone with the world means a lot to me, particularly first thing in the morning when the City is still sleeping and I am out there running about, whatever the weather.

Thanks to all this running about I am a fit, healthy size 12 and have avoided the diabetes which my Dad has, and which both my Granddad and Great Granddad had. I am a full time student at Canterbury College and hoping to be a University of Kent student next year studying, following the sale of our family business in July 2015, and loving the new challenge of that too! Gives me more time to exercise!

I am also a very keen member of the core team at Canterbury parkrun (@cantersparkrun) where I have volunteered over 70 times, and am one of our Run Directors. I love the inclusive nature of both 5x50 and parkrun. I am really looking forward to sharing my love of exercise with some new 5x50ers on the new challenge, and having great fun running around scenic Canterbury where I now live with my brilliant boyfriend Owen.

Meet Mags

Hi there, I'm Mags!

I've been a Fiver and supporter of 5x50 since it's beginning. This year I'm doing something different, I'm taking on the 50/50 split. Why the change? I've been a powerwalker for the past 5 years but this year I've stepped up my game and started running. My aim is to compete the Yorkshire Marathon in October, but in order to do this I have to stick to a training plan which means I can't run every day! I saw the 50/50 split as an opportunity to train without injuring myself and it also means I need a partner to cover the other 25 days – this was ideal as my friend is recovering from injury so covering less days suits us both.

5u00d750 is a great challenge with lots of variables to keep you motivated over the duration, a great way to keep fit!

Meet Fran

So 2016 will see me embark as a fiver for the 4th time! I formerly joined the 5x50 challenge on its 2nd year upon suggestion of an e-friend on an online forum and have never looked back since. I remember thinking to myself, 'no way I will ever be able to walk 5 kilometres a day for 50 days' ... but somehow, motivated by the team, I did. That year was also the start of two consecutive years of 5x365 among friends that ended short of a third time for me as per some unforeseen health issues. But a fiver at heart, after a few months of slowing down, I am readying myself to lead the 5 to 50 platform (Option E). In a nutshell whether you are new to exercise or fancy a challenge by trying yourself at a new activity the aim is to start at doing 5 mins per day building to 50 mins per day by the end of the challenge.

Why did I choose this platform, you may wonder? Well, life many a time has seen me having to reach deep down and press the reset button because of illnesses. While I thought I was well on the fitness path, hospitalisation or compulsory bed rest, saw me having to wait weeks before embarking on the exercise path once more. And I don't want to lie, it is not easy to CHOOSE to exercise daily. Was I tempted to throw the towel? More time than I care to admit BUT I know I have recovered all those times because my level of fitness had been reasonable. 5 to 50 minutes resonate deeply in me as it is where I started not so long ago. So if you are unsure about joining in, or you are finding the 5 kilometres a day too easy and want to add to your daily routine. Register and join us on Option E! And don't hesitate to contact me any time you want to share your doubts or questions or your small and big achievements. Together we will be stronger. Remember, you CAN do it!

About 5x50

5x50 Challenge started with a vision to make people who are inactive become more active. Challengers become part of something that inspires, motivates, encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. 5x50 Challenges are open to all. Individuals or groups regardless of age, health condition/ disability or fitness level can take part.

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