Total Challenge Activity Total Time: 70h 29m 33s Total Distance: 729.3kms

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Enjoy walking, hiking and running, and generally getting a bit sweaty every day.

Why not get even more sweaty for a good cause...

Tracker Awards

  • Lifetime Climb
    Lifetime Climb
    20,000 lifetime floors
    Tue, 16th May 2017
  • Lifetime Distance
    Lifetime Distance
    6,649 lifetime kilometers
    Sun, 1st Jan 2017
  • Daily Climb
    Daily Climb
    400 floors in a day
    Wed, 15th Jun 2016
  • Daily Steps
    Daily Steps
    50,000 steps in a day
    Fri, 29th Jan 2016

My Current Challenge

  • May 2017 ChallengeTotal Time: 12h 30m 22s Total Distance: 125.1kms

    Friday, 5th May 2017 - Friday, 23rd June 2017
    Selected Challenge: 5k a day for 50 days
    Enter as an Individual, Team or School and complete 5k distance each day by walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing etc, for 50 days

My Completed Challenges

About 5x50

5x50 Challenge started with a vision to make people who are inactive become more active. Challengers become part of something that inspires, motivates, encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. 5x50 Challenges are open to all. Individuals or groups regardless of age, health condition/ disability or fitness level can take part.

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